My photographs represent many of the diverse and magnificent wilderness areas of the Northwestern United States. My goal is to capture the right moment of light illuminating these areas and to create a composition of depth using the placement of natural objects within the scene. This helps to present the character of these special places.

Twilight, with its calmness and color, is my favorite time to shoot.

I use Kodak Porta VC 120 film and a traditional Hasselblad medium format camera. The larger negative size of this film format records extreme sharpness, clarity and realistic color. The negative is drum scanned. I use Photoshop to adjust color balance, contrast and noise to arrive at a final image that most closely represents the original scene. 
Printing is done on Fuji photographic paper using 24 bit color light emitting diodes (LED). Resolution enhancement technology is applied so that each pixel is sharpened and a resolution of 425 pixels per inch is achieved. The exposed paper is run through a processor using dark-room chemistry. The final result is a Chromira Digital Crystal Archive Print.

Printing on aluminum is also another wonderful way of preserving and displaying the photo. The image is fused onto specially coated aluminum which can be displayed either framed or as a float mount which sets off from the wall about 3/4". The images are vibrant and dramatic with wonderful detail. The coated metal is durable and impervious to water.